B2C panel

Our key specialization is creating and managing online panels for market research in Russia and CIS countries.

We have our own consumer panels in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other CIS countries. The total number of panel members is over 1 mln active participants. We recruit about 50 thousand of new participants monthly.

Panelists are recruited from social networks, search engines and with the help of referral programs. Our panelists enjoy participating in the project and they are happy to invite their friends to register.

We can also help with access to the panels of leading world panel providers in almost every country.


  • Constant panel recruitment. Our team works every day to expand the capabilities of our consumer panel. We use only high quality resources for recruiting and carefully select contractors for it.

  • Control and verification. We pay great attention to the quality of the data and use special techniques for checking the reliability of information about panelists. Trap questions, telephone checks, verification of personal data and regular deleting fraudulent panelists make our data reliable and high-qualitative.

  • Panelists incentives. We never forget that we work with human beings. We provide panelists with the most attractive conditions for participation, so that panelists fill in even the most difficult questionnaires with pleasure. This approach has highly positive effect on the quality of the received data.

  • Technical support. The online panel is a complex technical IT infrastructure. Our team uses the highest quality servers and software solutions for not a single questionnaire to be lost.

Panel Quality

We are the first ISO 20252:2019 certified company in the Eastern European region by CIRQ, Insights Association.

Our panelists are mostly motivated by non-monetary reasons. The main purpose of their participation is that they are able to learn more about new goods and services and help big brands make their products better. We perform contests, send newsletters. Also, our participants can participate in charity crowdfunding (for example, to buy protection means for doctors). Last, but not least, we are always looking for other approaches to improve the panel experience. In 2020 we launched an app, so our participants can take surveys in the most convinient way.

Also, we do a lot of quality checks to ensure the quality of our panel.

• Automated and manual checks of duplicate registrations
• Dynamic comparison of survey answers with panelists’ profiles
• Evaluating panelists’ responses for data consistency, time it took to complete the survey compared to the average for the study, answers to open-enended questions, etc.
• Automated checks to ensure that one participant took one survey not more than once.

We strictly follow the ESOMAR standards in the area of Internet research and constantly care for the quality of our panels. Here you can download the file with OMI answers to ‘ESOMAR’s 28 questions to help research buyers of online samples.